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Look Up


Look Up is an inspiring anecdote of one man’s journey through law school. In his open and authentic nature, attorney Elman Woodson vulnerably shares his turbulent experience as a struggling law school student. Life’s experiences remind him to look up for strength, guidance, and grit to endure.  

This relatable and captivating story encourages readers to persist and persevere in the face of adversities. You will be inspired to believe in God’s plan for your life and know beyond doubt that there is an unfailing vision and purpose within you. Look Up will challenge you to fully embrace and operate in your immense power.

“Look Up” is a must read if you are someone seeking to be inspired, empowered and motivated. It will help you realize your potential and move past self-imposed barriers and fears so you can become the extraordinary person you were always meant to be. You deserve to read this book—gift it to yourself or someone you love and care about. You won’t regret it! 

 - Farah D.